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in Google Search

Maintain the integrity of your website and improve your ranking on a search engine results page like Google. 

We work with you to implement techniques that enhance the overall user experience that your site needs to be high-quality and rank you above your competitors.

Comprehensive White Hat Services


We take a deep-dive through your website to ensure that you have high-quality content that meets your visitors’ needs and helps solve their problems.

Speed Optimization

We diagnose your website’s speed and provide ways to make it load faster, leading to an increase in site visits, visitor satisfaction, and ultimately conversion rates.

Keyword Analysis

We create meta descriptions and tags that optimize content for each page so that search engines and potential visitors discover your website.

Navigation Enhancement

We carefully analyze your website’s architecture to ensure that your visitors find it easy to get around.

Backlink Sourcing

We collect relevant links and references from sources like customer testimonials, guest blogging, and mutual partnerships.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Risk

PCM Agency knows your website holds tremendous value to the overall health of your business. While others might resort to short-term, quick, black hat SEO practices like duplicating page content, stuffing keywords, or mass linking, we focus on sustainable results.


With over 20 years (yes, 20) in SEO expertise, we know what it takes to build a long-term strategy that proves to be effective at generating more leads and mitigating search engine penalties that could result in indefinite consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions

White hat SEO refers to SEO tactics that are in line with the terms and conditions of Google and other major search engines that allow them to index your site and appear on a search page.

People search Google over 3.5 billion times per day, making it a phenomenal platform that could direct those people to your business.


Some companies offer black hat SEO services which is using unethical tactics that go against search engine guidelines in order to rank a website higher in search results. Techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks.


A penalty by for not using white hat tactics could lead to not ranking, or even being disqualified, from appearing on a Google search result page.

Numerous companies have been penalized by Google for not following white hat best practices including BMW, JCPenney, Forbes, and even Overstock.com which lost $1.05 billion dollars in revenue.

Promising an actual dates would be stretching the truth. A website typically sees results withing a month or so, but the three month mark is considered normal.


Additionally, any new website that we design for our clients is entitled to three months of integral SEO services.

Yes. We will look into the how and why you have been penalized, and set you on the proper course to be ranked again on Google for your targeted audience.

Each member of our senior team has been online, with an expertise on Search Engine Optimization, for nearly 20 years. We are continuously on top of the trends, changes, and turmoil of content-based search results.

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