Noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein is Attracting Global Attention and Sees 2022 as ‘The Year of Subtle and Natural Results’

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/18/21 – When it comes to being at the top of your field, award-winning plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D. is clearly a remarkable medical professional whose skills are sought out by not only patients around the U.S. but from around the world, as well.
A renowned Miami-based physician board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubinstein has trained with the world’s eminent surgeons at the forefront of developing techniques for plastic surgery.
Dr. Rubinstein is a well-known and outspoken patient advocate who is never afraid to speak out about unsafe conditions, questionable clinics, and botched procedures. He is clearly passionate about his mission to educate the public about plastic surgery, including new and emerging non-invasive techniques.
He has served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery and the Chief of the Department of Surgery for Jackson North Medical Center, a 382-bed acute care hospital in the Jackson Healthcare System, in Aventura, Florida.
Dr. Rubinstein is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at NOVA Southeastern University, clinical faculty for the Department of Plastic Surgery at Florida International University (FIU) School of Medicine, and clinical faculty for the Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Residency Program in Florida.
He currently serves on the editorial staff of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
He holds memberships in many prestigious medical societies and associations, including, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, and The Ralph Millard Jr., M.D. Medical Society & Education Foundation.

Dr. Rubinstein’s patients know they are in the most capable hands and will be well-informed throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to post-operative care.
The highly educated physician believes in the importance of being forward-thinking, especially when it comes to his medical practice.
“No matter what your area of expertise is, you probably have a good handle on how things work in your field,” explained Dr. Rubinstein. “Learning how to keep an open mind, adapting to change, and discovering new opportunities will help anyone achieve great things.”
Dr. Rubinstein, what is the most gratifying aspect of your work as a prominent plastic surgeon?
The best part of being a plastic surgeon is sharing the impact procedures have on my patients. It is very gratifying to play a part in helping someone feel more comfortable with themselves. When I see someone blossom after their procedure it is truly gratifying.
Why is being an outspoken patient advocate important to you?
The aesthetics industry is filled with opportunities for less than scrupulous people to take advantage of patients by misleading and/or outright deceiving people. Plastic surgeons must work very hard and pay a lot of dues to have the privilege of caring for our patients. Part of that process is an education in the importance of doing things the safest way and always keeping the patients’ best interests in mind.
Unfortunately, I have seen way too many situations where the patient’s best interests were less important to the clinic than profit. I feel it is very important to shed light on these nefarious doctors and clinics so people can make their best choices when considering having treatments. If nobody informs the public and lets people know the truth then patients can make risky choices without knowing it. I do everything I can to prevent that.
Why do you feel patients are inclined to come to you from not only around the nation but from around the world?
Patients should choose a doctor with the right training and qualifications. They should also have faith in their doctor’s ability and trust and confidence that he/she will give them the best care possible. I have been privileged to have patients from all over the world that feel comfortable and confident with my care. And I treat each and every patient as if they were a member of my family. I think that approach gives patients a feeling of comfort and I know it drives me to always provide the best care.
Please talk about cutting-edge non-invasive and surgical plastic surgery procedures for women and men and the advantages of these techniques?
For decades plastic surgeons offered only surgical procedures. Patients have always sought out the holy grail of less invasive procedures that achieve the same results. In recent years there have been some really groundbreaking advances in non and minimally invasive treatments that offer great results with much fewer incisions and healing compared to surgery. For example, the Ellevate neck lift is a recent technique that creates chiseled jawlines and necks with three tiny incisions that are closed with one stitch each under local anesthesia. That’s a much different experience than having a full surgical facelift or neck lift.
Another good example is Renuvion, which is a skin tightening treatment that can also be done using local anesthesia with similar tiny incisions. Renuvion can help tighten the skin in areas where it has gotten loose and flabby. I treat the neck, arms, thighs, and tummy with Renuvion all the time. One of the most common problems patients want to improve is cellulite. Currently, there is a list of options for treating cellulite that doesn’t involve any incisions or stitches. Treatments like Cellfina, Qwo, and skin tightening treatments using a variety of energy like Sofwave and ThermiSmooth can help improve cellulite with no stitches and no general anesthesia.
Do you think people are impacted by what Celebrities/Hollywood is doing in the way of plastic surgery?
Hollywood celebrities can have a significant influence on the popularity of a given procedure. J-Lo and Kim Kardashian started a huge trend that popularized firm round butts and drove thousands of patients to seek assistance getting that look. Michelle Obama motivated generations of women with her firm sleek arms. People follow their favorite celebrities closely and try to emulate their looks. Celebrities know that and there is a trend of celebrities sharing their experiences, both good and bad, with cosmetic procedures.
More celebrities than ever before are sharing their treatments with fans through social media. Some are also taking to social media to use their experiences to help the public. Chrissy Teigen has shared a variety of her experiences honestly and openly. Mark Jacobs famously shared his facelift experience. K. Michelle is taking it a step further after sharing her story about silicone injections and is creating a new TV show that helps people correct problems they have after complications from plastic surgery procedures. I give a lot of credit to stars that use their celebrity status to shine light in the right direction and help people.
What are new techniques/trends that women and men seeking plastic surgery need to know about?
Aside from the trend of patients seeking less invasive options, I am also seeing a trend towards more natural results. There was a time when patients wanted the biggest butts possible, or really significant increases in breast size. These days the pendulum is swinging away from drastic changes. Patients are asking for more modest changes. Lip augmentation is now more about shape and subtle fullness than the maximum pout. The same is true for butts and breasts. Patients are looking for a nice shape with a more modest increase in size. I would say that 2022 looks like it will be the year of natural and subtle results.
What does it feel like when a patient says that he or she feels you have helped change their life, including their appearance and overall outlook?
This is why I do what I do. Having an impact on someone’s life by helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin (pun intended) is the best part of my job. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing how great someone feels after their procedure and how those results have enriched their life.
How would you advise a patient to select his/her plastic surgeon? What should they look for and what questions do they need to ask before agreeing to any procedures?
The bare minimum is making sure the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Of course, looking at their past results and feeling comfortable with their ability is very important. Communication is key. Make sure you understand what the doctor is telling you and that he/she is really listening to your desires and goals. Having good two-way communication is the main ingredient needed for a great experience.
How has the pandemic/zoom meetings etc…impacted the plastic surgery choices of today?
The main impact of Zoom and the pandemic on plastic surgery has been increasing facial procedures. It’s not surprising that people are more sensitive about their facial appearance when we have been spending hours staring at each other (and ourselves) on high-definition cameras. People have sought more facial tune-ups than ever before.
What do the future of plastic surgery and the future of your medical practice look like?
The future definitely looks bright. There are always exciting new treatments coming out and new surgical techniques to help patients achieve great results. My practice stays ahead of the curve on new advances. We are often the first to offer new technology, treatments, and techniques. I’m always excited about what’s coming up on the horizon. I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!
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