Fun At Work Day: January 26, 2024

Fun At Work Day 2024

Friday, January 26th is Fun At Work Day, and Nick Gianoulis (The Godfather of Fun) and Partner and Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bruce, want everyone to enjoy an at-work recreation day. Nick and Chris are available this week to discuss the importance of building up a
team’s morale and the bottom line through fun at work.

Why Business Leaders Nick Gianoulis and Christopher Bruce Are Promoting ‘Fun at Work Day’ on January 26.

Fun at Work? Really? Isn’t work supposed to be serious?

Through two decades of creating custom team activities, specialized workshops, consulting, and more they have built a stellar reputation for providing small and large companies with unique programming and fun-filled solutions that are changing the definition of team building.

How would you like to increase your productivity and have a great time at work?

This is the business philosophy promoted by Nick Gianoulis, who is also known as the Godfather of Fun, founder of the company known as the fun dept. 

How do you make fun happen at work?

“Start with your organization’s Shared Experience, he said. Engage your associates in the process by asking what is fun for them? The aggregated results will provide a clear picture of the types of activities to focus on and set you up for success. Seek out volunteers for a fun committee. Keep it simple, follow our “laws of fun” and commit to brief quarterly activities during company hours.”

The goal is for Fun at Work Day, on January 26, to be recognized and for companies, managers, and employees to celebrate it and understand its value.

Nick and Chris want the business community to understand that this Fun at Work Day event or subsequent programs “do not have to be a big or elaborate event. Our model supports 15-30 minute restorative breaks hosting simple games or interactions.” Gianoulis said.

Their signature FUN ON PURPOSE workshop helps companies understand how fun can work for them and their unique culture while breaking down the Laws of Fun, identifying individual play personalities and your overall shared experience.  A proven methodology, the fun dept has used for years to achieve meaningful and sustainable results for their clients. 

Their Connect 4Q activity is a highly-produced quarterly subscription show designed to connect and engage your people (no matter where they are). Ideal for hybrid and remote workplaces, the fun crew thinks of it as a hybrid of late-night TV and game shows, wrapped up in an interactive experience. Additionally, the fun dept’s signature segments are featured within each 25-30 minute quarterly show to highlight a unique theme.

Special guests/cameos also add to the show’s uniqueness and build anticipation of the next show. Expert live facilitation and transitions between show segments, contests, and challenges will keep the momentum and continuity between shows.

Gianoulis strongly believes in leading companies to understand the importance of providing fun in the workplace with a purpose. He wants the wide business community to understand that 81 percent of employees in Fortune’s Best 100 Companies to Work for reported having a fun workplace environment.

Does Fun at Work Day work with Hybrid and Remote office models?

The short answer is yes. The programs are designed to connect workers who are in the office, hybrid or completely remote.

A key to all of this is “Consistency. Instead of a one-time event like an annual holiday party, that is short-lived and expensive, we recommend that companies do something on a consistent basis, such as a quarterly event that keeps people connected,” explained Bruce. “Our experience indicates that quarterly fun is the proper cadence to produce results while still allowing for community service and other initiatives our clients have. 

Through custom annual programming, the fun dept. will show an increase in engagement scores in its client’s workforce. This is primarily possible due to its robust team of like-minded professionals, who formulate the perfect program based on client goals and culture. Gianoulis’s 20 years of experience in the industry before founding the company is instrumental in shaping these programs.

In addition to having a positive impact on business results and ROI, fun has a strong mental health component,” he continued. 

These business engagement leaders would love for Fun at Work Day on January 26 to be recognized and for companies, managers, and employees to celebrate it and understand its value.

**** Should it end here? It seems long and some of what is below seems redundant. 

We are completely ingrained with clients to help them become top-class firms with driven employees, and many who are successful attribute it to fun dept.,” he added.

The key to this is to “root this in the company’s core values so that this becomes part of the work culture,” Bruce said.

Gianoulis wants business leaders and their employees to understand that “The highest performing companies have a culture of fun and endorse fun in the workplace. As human beings, we need restorative breaks because working hours and hours at a time is unsustainable. We are not built that way.

Bruce explains, “Another major aspect is allowing the fun to be accessible no matter where you are in the office or at home; everyone can tune in and fully participate in this. The hybrid model is here to stay and gives people flexibility. We are connecting people in a meaningful way through technology instead of teams that never see one another. This is a difference from a video chat.

What these two business leaders want the business community to understand is that this Fun at Work Day event or subsequent program, “does not have to be a big or elaborate event. Our model supports 5-20 minutes; of hosting simple games,” Gianoulis said.

Arrange for fun things that people can do together,” he said. “Take some action, do something fun at work. Put a new spin on an old game and make it simple and easy.”

Let’s Make Time to Play at Work – How the fun dept. and Connect 4Q can revitalize your company.

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Here are Nine Reasons why Fun at Work Matters:

  • Increases in retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Fosters creativity and collaboration
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Improves morale
  • Forges lasting bonds
  • Accelerates learning and comprehension
  • Engaging in a shared experience is powerful
  • Team building can help with depression, isolation, and mental health issues
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